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Sea to Shining Sea Tour Helps Veterans Achieve New Possibilities

By Kim Behrens, WMBD Television

NORMAL--Two local veterans turned cross country cyclists are home after raising awareness for fellow soldiers across the nation.Andrew Jansen shows some enthusiasm during the Sea to Shining Sea ride. Photograph by Parker Feierbach.

It's called the "Sea to Shining sea tour," and its 3,800 miles.

Veterans Andrew Jansen and John Malkin, traveled that distance on their bikes across America.

"I knew if I could get out there, I could do my job better," said Jansen.  "My job is to serve veterans."

The pair began their cross country journey in May.

The goal?
To help disabled service members like themselves.

"My mission was to help veterans if I could and to show them especially guys with PTSD and panic disorder they don't' have to be afraid."


Read the full story and watch the video at the WMBD website.

John Malkin riding in Salt Lake City. Photograph by Parker Feierbach.John Malkin and Andrew Jansen tackle a Nevada mountain pass together. Photograph by Parker Feierbach.

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