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Nicolette Maroulis, age 33

Currently Resides: Austin, Texas
Birthplace: Makahalau, Hawaii          
Formerly Stationed: NAS Kingsville, Texas

“This ride takes the focus off of what we can’t do and shifts it to what we can. I am looking forward to pushing the limits, just because I was injured it doesn’t mean that I have to sit at home while life happens.– Nicolette Maroulis

It has been seven years since Nicolette Maroulis was injured while serving as a K9 Handler in the Navy.  The Master at Arms second class spent 3-1/2 years in a wheel chair, not knowing if she would ever be able to walk again, but determined to try.

With the support of her husband, she pushed herself physically and mentally through multiple rounds of surgery and intensive physical therapy gradually relearning how to walk. She continues her rehabilitation at Tillman Physical Therapy and Cross fit Cedar Park.

It was with that same intensity that Nicolette tried hand cycling for the first time earlier this year and immediately fell in love with it.  “I find tremendous freedom in cycling,” she says. She thinks that pushing her limits is the best form of physical therapy and World T.e.a.m. sports is providing that for her.  

With only two months notice Nicolette committed to the cross-country ride. She received her first hand cycle just weeks ago and with the help of Mellow Johnny’s has been training passionately ever since.

During her recovery, Nicolette began to study kinesiology in hopes of understanding what was happening to her own body.  With fascination, she observed how physical therapy transformed atrophied muscles and helped her surpass the goals others had for her recovery.  Nicolette is now pursuing a degree in Sports and Health Sciences and plans to use her degree to help other injured veterans in their recovery.

Being new to cycling, Nicolette wasn’t sure she was ready for a cross country event but decided to give it a try--Not just for herself, but hopefully to show other injured soldiers how beneficial getting outside your comfort zone can be for your recovery.

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Reader Comments (39)

[...] “I have no doubt at all that I’ll finish,” [she] said. “I’m going to take it one pedal at a time.” – Nicolette Maroulis [...]

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Aloha, you were born in Hawaii!! I was born and raised in Honolulu and am part Hawaiian. My husband (one of the Patriot Guard guys) and I welcomed you to Davis and then Sacramento this afternoon. We wish you well and thank you for your service. Trust the ride will be a fantastic one for you. I will be following your progress as you make your way across country.

May 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBetty Townsend

It was great meeting you Betty! Thanks for coming over and saying hello. I just finished day 3 and I am headed for bed. Day four is a 7,886 climb from what I hear.

May 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNicolette

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